Okavango & Chobe Exploration


9-18 September, 2019

Join Robyn Bentley's small group tour as she takes you to Botswanna, old Africa.

"In Botswana, you will find old Africa. Vast regions free from the electric fences that plague wilderness areas in other countries – the migration of animals continues much as it always has.

In this small country, you find a desert and delta where little has changed. It is in this timeless landscape of old Africa that is so little influenced by the outside world that we would like to lead you on a safari of a lifetime."

Limited to 12 participants.


Day 1 - September 9, 2019

A scenic flight from Maun to Moremi kicks off your safari. After meeting your ‘bush pilot’ you will fly over the Okavango World Heritage site. From the air there is a good chance to see larger animals such as elephant and hippo, as well as witnessing the legendary ‘flood’ from Angola. On landing in the bush you will be met by your guide, Andrew, and taken on your first game drive to camp.

Day 2 - September 10, 2019

We wake you up early in order to give us the best chance of seeing the nocturnal animals such as lions and leopard. After a light breakfast “on the run” we depart camp and explore the Moremi area of the Okavango Delta. Late morning, we will return to camp and have a hearty lunch consisting of an English breakfast and baked delights. In the heat of the day we siesta, read and generally do what the animals do - avoid the sun! Following high tea, we head out again tracking Africa’s most elusive animals. After a traditional sundowner we night drive back to camp using a spot light to illuminate the eyes of nocturnal animals. This is a perfect way to see otherwise elusive species such as hyena, genets, bushbabies and maybe even a leopard! Back at camp we enjoy another fire and excellent dinner before bedtime.

Day 3 - September 11, 2019

Today we will experience the Okavango by boat in Xaxanaxa Lagoon. The deep water brings a contrast in habitats, vegetation and big game. Hippos and crocodiles abound. The boat is a smooth and relaxing ride and you will get to enjoy a delicious packed lunch. When the afternoon heat starts to bite we take a slow drive back to the comforts of camp

Day 4 - September 12, 2019

It is moving day so an early start is again essential. The team goes on ahead with the camp while we spend a leisurely day traversing the Okavango wilderness. Time is on our side so today is a good opportunity to take lots of photographs and spend time watching animal behavior. A bush lunch is taken in a quiet spot surrounded by nature.

In the afternoon we move out of Moremi, over the Khwai bridge and into the Khwai Conservancy. This is Bushman land and we pass through their village before heading to our newly set up camp. After a hot day, a cold gin and tonic awaits by the fire.

Day 5 - September 13, 2019

After a hot cup of coffee we spend the day exploring the open flood plains and small channels of the Khwai Conservancy. An early start, is followed by a game drive in search of Okavango specials such as Red Lechwe and cheetah. Sit back and relax in the shady camp before going out for sundowners as it cools down.

Day 6 - September 14, 2019

This morning, we head out for a game walk around the Khwai concession. Walking in the bush is a great opportunity to look at the smaller things that are not noticed from the vehicle. Animal tracking, wild flowers and botany are amongst the highlights. On discovering a large animal we approach using wind direction and careful observation of the landscape to ensure we pass unnoticed.

After lunch we experience the Okavango by Mokoro (traditional dug-out canoe). We take a short drive to the Mokoro station on the Khwai River

Here you will be met by your “polar” who will slowly take you through the shallow floodplains of the Delta. We avoid deeper waters that are frequented by hippos and crocodiles. Your mokoro trip lasts for roughly two hours and is a great chance to relax, experience the crystal clear water and enjoy some bird and game watching.

Day 7 - September 15, 2019

Today we leave the Delta and move north into the Chobe National Park. The road takes us through the Mababe Depression which once formed the lower end of the Savute Marsh. We have lunch under a large Acacia tree and enjoy the open savanna view. Elephants, giraffe and warthog are common in the area along with the resident Hornbills who cant wait for us to leave so they can eat the crumbs.

Our journey takes us then to Savute - a famous predator area. By now the team have taken down the camp in the Delta, driven all the way and set it up once again in Savute. On arrival you find exactly the same camp and team - in a totally different environment.

Day 8 - September 16, 2019

Today we explore the vast plains of the Savute Marsh. The marsh fills up with water from the channel on a generational basis and can dry up at anytime. Its sweet grasses attract vast herds of elephant, buffalo and antelope. Ghosting the herds are lions, leopards and African Wild dogs, we spend the morning tracking them!

We are now back to the familiar safari routine of morning breakfast, a hearty lunch followed by a siesta, afternoon tea and a three course supper under the stars.

Day 9 - September 17, 2019

Savute is home to a series of rocky outcrops known as the Gobatsaa Hills. On one of these hills the ancient Bushmen people left their mark through a series of rock paintings. We spend time scrambling up the hill on foot to examine the rock art. The paintings are on a sharp ledge with breathtaking views over the Savute Channel and the endless savannah beyond.

Day 10 - September 18, 2019

There is time for one more game drive enroute to the airstrip ‘Savute International’ and your next destination. A drive through the savannas of Savute with the likelihood of some farewell elephants is the perfect way to finish off the safari!



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