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Growing up all over beautiful British Columbia provided me a great platform to dive off into the travel industry. I have had the pleasure of providing travel packages, information and opportunities to others for years during my personal time, and now have the stupendous opportunity to provide my excellent services through Personal Travel Management. Born in Victoria, raised in BC, and personally developed globally, I have the precision and expertise to fuel your next ambitious excursion.

I specialize in solo, couples, food and group travel. I am there to provide every ounce of support while you're creating memorable life changing moments in history. Looking to surf the waves of Tottori in Japan? See the vast city and country life of Korea from the skies? Or perhaps enjoy a soothing cup of kahve from a quiet Turkish town? Or blissfully slip into the soft pink sands of the Mediterranean? Send me an email or contact me on my cell, and I guarantee that I can make your dreams come true.

My greatest passion is providing quality adventures to my clients so that they can complete their travel bucket lists. Concerned that you can’t find your dream destination and need some creative ideas? Let me know!

Your budget. Your Vacation. Your Adventure.


It was a pleasant process to book with Eva. She made it very easy to understand the travel plans. She stuck to our specific requests, explained everything, and made it simple for us! Going to book again soon!

Mary Alexander

Eva was amazing! She really went above and beyond to make sure our first trip was the best and exactly what we wanted!! She helped with absolutely everything and was always there to reach out to. Thank you Eva! I definitely will be recommending her to friends and family for their travels!

Elyssa Ricci

I’ve been a client of Personal Travel Management for a little while now. My most recent trips have been booked with Eva Calder helping me out. What can I say about Eva? I can say that she is professional, thorough, knowledgeable, courteous and responsible. These are all essential, and very much appreciated, characteristics in someone who is helping me maintain my mental health in having an enjoyable vacation.

More importantly, I know that my vacation is important to Eva. She cares. She wants and needs my family, friends and I to know that the details are taken care of and we can focus on having a good time. Whether it’s going to Emerald City Comic Con with my Daughter or the Green Bay Packers game in Wisconsin with my Uncle she has made it possible and easy.

I’m looking forward to these trips, and to sharing the stories with Eva.

Most importantly, I’m looking forward to planning my next adventure, with Eva being part of the team, and to share those stories with her.

John MacLean
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