Jackkson Newton Jackkson Newton Travel Expert

As long as I can remember, travelling has been the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. But being young and stuck in one place, I lived out my dreams through books. I would study everything about every country I could imagine. As I grew up, my passion turned into the history of a place; how the culture formed, how the people survived, things that, as I learned, gave every place I traveled to, new meaning - So I got my degree in History. Now, years later, I feel extremely prepared and blessed to be able to help people find the travel experiences that will change who they are, forever.

Travelling – It leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.

Whether your idea of travel is kayaking down the Dalmatian Coast, camping with the Bedouin in Petra, finding inner peace at an ashram in India or jumping off of every tall structure in New Zealand – I am eager to custom design the perfect trip for you. Whatever your budget, timeframe, preferences or style, I am knowledgeable and adaptable, and very passionate about giving other people a fantastic holiday.

Travel changes you. When you leave your home and immerse yourself in a culture, in a people, who are nothing like you’re used to, it shifts your perspective. I fundamentally believe, that everyone, regardless of their financial status or schedules, can find the perfect travel experience. And I look forward to helping.

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