Special Interest Travel

Share amazing travel experiences and a shared interest!

Exploring a faraway destination and culture with people who share a common interest makes a trip more enjoyable. If you are an individual searching for like-minded travel companions or are a local hobby group who are ready to learn more, special interest travel is for you!

Special Interest travel allows those who share an interest, be that a handicraft, sport or like-minded individuals such as the LGBTQ community to experience a destination together. Customised itineraries ensure crafters visit textile co-operatives, sports enthusiasts get the best seats in the house or the LGBTQ community to be welcomed. Your travel experience may create life-long friends or enhance the friendships you already have.

Are you a member of any of these local groups?

  • A birding society
  • Arts and crafts guilds or associations
  • Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Queer groups
  • A sports group

Now start planning your next travel adventures with these like-minded individuals! Whatever special interest your group shares, we can plan an itinerary for you.

Identify your interest or hobby and talk to our Special Interest Travel Experts today to plan your next group travel experience!

For an LGBTQ or Pride travel experience – connect with Dean Nelson

To visit women’s co-operatives and learn about textiles world-wide – connect with Yvette Crossley

Search for new bird species and photograph them – connect with Christine Boecker

Our LGBTQ Travel Experts - Dean Nelson

We are so excited to see many destinations and travel partners are embracing Gender and Sexual Diversity and working hard to ensure our LGBTQ travellers feel safe, welcomed and included in their vacation and travel experience.

From Exclusive Gay Getaways to Celebrating Pride

Pride celebrations without a doubt are becoming the most inclusive events in major cities around the world – and travel to one of these destination LGBTQIA+ celebrations is a must. NYC, the birthplace of Pride, stepped it up to celebrate 50 years and gave WorldPride travellers an experience like no other from colourful artistic wayfinding signage to the LGBTQIA+ OutCinema.

WorldPride travel books up fast, so don’t delay. Although, you can be on the look out any time of the year for Pride celebrations in:

  • Madrid, Spain with a high-heel race, fabulous drag-queens and free open-air concerts
  • Sydney, Australia with all the glitz and glam of their LGBTQI inclusive Gay and Lesbian Mardi-Gras Festival
  • famous ski towns like Whistler, BC, Breckenridge, Colorado or Hakuba, Japan with LGBTQ+ ski lessons, après-ski parties that will knock your ski boots off, luxury accommodations and world-class dining

All-LGBTQ inclusive chartered cruises are the best way to sail. Enjoy a little romance, sophistication or a family adventure surrounded by the LGBTQ community as you explore ports around:

  • central Europe, where you’ll stroll the fabled Christmas Markets lining the banks of the Danube River
  • Iceland, where you’ll take advantage of the midnight sun as you circumnavigate the arctic island full of fjords and fabulous samplings of local cuisine.

Gay or LGBTQ-friendly group departures and customized travel can take you to exotic places around the world from river cruising on the Mekong Delta to luxury safaris with Africa’s best LGBTQ tour operators.

We at Personal Travel Management are able to help you navigate which airports will be more accepting at security screenings, and which airports/countris will accept a non binary gender marker. We know what travel partners and destinations we are able to rely on to help ensure you have a safe vacation and which companies we would advise avoiding. Let us help you to be yourself while away.

Contact our Travel Expert Dean Nelson for your next LGBTQ travel experience.

Our Textile and Cultural Travel Experts - Yvette Crossley

Cultural and Textile travel is for those that have an interest, perhaps a hobby, in textiles, arts and crafts. Itineraries are carefully crafted to visit each country’s cultural, architectural and geographical highlights while including many visits WITH local artisans.

A wonderful way to have a more in-depth experience in a country is to spend time with those that live there and a great way to do this is to share a meal together. Many locals welcome those that share their affinity and you might find yourself sharing lunch with the artisans and women’s co-operatives where workshops have been organized. Workshops and hands-on on experiences may include weaving, dyeing, embroidery, beading, basketry and specialty crafts of the regions visited.

Accommodations are carefully chosen to enhance the travel experience. Whether it’s a beautiful riad in Morocco, a century’s old hacienda in Ecuador, or a room with a beautiful view, where your sleep is important.

Cultural travel will usually incorporate time at a school or orphanage. Here you could distribute school supplies and other articles that the local community will appreciate and use.

Let it be known however, itineraries can change! Your guide might bump into their friend who is a weaver and you may end up at that friends home to see what they were working on. Your bus driver might invite you to their home to meet their family and have tea. These moments are priceless and create great memories.

Our Textile and Cultural Travel Experts - Yvette Crossley