Privacy Policy

Our Promise

“Whether you are a PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT client or a subscriber to our PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT e-News, we will not knowingly reveal, rent or otherwise make available any e-mail address to third parties.”


Personal Travel Management's Privacy Policy

At PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, we are concerned about your privacy.

Keeping the privacy and earning and retaining the trust of our customers is our mantra. So we have written this pledge to inform you about our official privacy practices.

We want to provide you with information about travel, specific trips, and other offers that are best suited to your needs. To do this, we sometimes ask you to provide personal information to us. Our philosophy is that you should have control over what kind of information you provide to us and how we use this information. Please take the time to review our privacy pledge and understand what we do and do not do with data that we collect from you.

Personal and Demographic Data collected by PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT

PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT asks for your name, e-mail address and phone number when you send a request for information. During subsequent correspondence, PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT may ask for other personal data, such as interests (including favorite activity and destination), address and birth date. If you express interest in booking a trip by either calling us or by filling out a form on our site, we will ask when you plan to travel, where you want to travel, what you want to do while traveling, how many people you want to travel with, where your trip will originate, and whether you require air tickets. We will also ask for a daytime phone number in case you want to be called by our travel specialist.

PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT uses this information to provide you with personalized travel services and to direct you to offers from us or selected partners that would appeal to you. If you purchase a product or service from PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, you will be asked to provide an address, phone number, and possibly a credit card number. PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT collects this information only to complete the purchase transaction. This does not apply to purchases made on sites linked to PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT.


PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT will not send you any e-mail you do not wish to receive. If, for any reason you would like to discontinue receiving our newsletters, you may send an email to [email protected] with *unsubscribe* in the subject line. If you ever have a problem with your subscription, contact [email protected] or call 604 739 3622.

Changes in Privacy Pledge

As the nature of our business changes, PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT may need to change its privacy pledge. If the pledge is changed, this page will be updated. You will not be provided with any other notice of a change in the privacy pledge. Please check this page to see if there have been any changes.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact PERSONAL TRAVEL MANAGEMENT at [email protected] Tel:604 739 3622 or Toll-free: 1800 872 9080.