Rikki Hepburn Rikki Hepburn Travel Expert

Rikki Hepburn is a Business Owner with over 25 years of leisure and corporate travel experience.

I have enjoyed the Business of Travel from the time I graduated with a Tourism degree from Grant MacEwan college ions ago to the present day. The growth in the industry from then to now, although challenging at times has always been exciting. From consultant to business owner, there has never been a dull moment.

Today my group of 28 independent travel experts truly does have in depth knowledge and expertise, and between them that knowledge covers every corner of the world. Being able to assist a consultant to grow their business and reach their business goals is what makes my commute from South Surrey to Burnaby worthwhile.

No matter where you would like to travel to, or how you would like to get there, I know I can introduce you to the perfect travel expert to assure you have the experience of a life time.

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