In the Media

Personal Travel Management is a travel agency that provides personalised and professional service to their clients and fellow travellers. As such we have been featured in many travel industry publications. Our agents have also been interviewed by national radio to share travel trends, information on destinations and more.

Travel Industry Publications

Here we have been featured in Travel Industry publications:

08-Jan-24 - Hooked is at it again, kicking off Dry January with a feature in the Travelmarket Report on how Darci Murray turned a sober lifestyle into a thriving business.

30-Oct-23 - Darci Murray's alcohol-free travel company Hooked is making news worldwide with an article in the South China Morning Post.

11-Oct-23 - The Globe and Mail featured an article on alcohol-free travel and recounts the full sensory experience of travelling in Italy with Hooked, founded by PTM's Darci Murray

14-Jun-23 - Personal Travel Management attended the Ensemble owners and managers meeting to learn more about the improvements Ensemble is making as part of the Navigatr group

24-Jun-21 - Personal Travel Management is all about community. In June we hosted a Carwash to raise money for KidSport. Over $1,000 was raised for this local charity.

13-May 2021 - During a pandemic not many travel agencies have expanded. Personal Travel Management however has taken this opportunity to obtain TICO licensing and has now expanded across Canada. Travel courier interviewed our Owner - Rikki Hepburn about the expansion.

22-Apr-2021 - On this day we celebrate Earth Day. Our Agent Bronwen Hill was asked to join a panel to discuss what Sustainable Travel is and how we can incorporate this into our future travel as part of Ensemble's Restart program.

4-Feb-2021 - With the rules changing daily and a Pandemic to navigate, Travel Courier asks Darci Murray and Rhonda Dashevsky to share how a Travel Advisor's role has evolved.

1-Feb-2021 - With the announcement of Canadian Airlines ceasing operations to Mexico and the Caribbean the industry publication Open Jaw reached out to Kathryn Comeau-Wong for her reaction on the announcement.

1-Feb-2021 - Why Travel? These travel advisors, including our very own Darci Murray, share why they travel. Her response is #1.

5-Jan-2021 - The travel rules were ever changing. The latest change, introducing a requirement for a PCR test to enter Canada invoked comments from the industry. Our agent Kathryn Comeau-Wong was asked to comment on the latest requirement in the industry publication Open Jaw.

21-Jan-2021 - After a challenging year, Personal Travel Management shares why they are looking to grow their business with the industry publication Travel Courier.

10-Dec-2020 - Again in Travel Courier, Rhonda and colleague Kathryn Comeau-Wong were interviewed about the board game, Trips-to-Tales they have created.

10-Dec-2020 - In the industry publication Travel Courier, our agent Rhonda Dashevsky was asked to comment on if travellers should travel during the pandemic.

3-Dec-2021 - Coping during the Pandemic has been challenging. Our agent Kathryn Comeau-Wong shares what it has been like for a Travel Advisor with industry publication Travel Courier.

19-Nov-20 - Our agent Yvette Crossley shares with industry publication Travel Courier how her tour groups give back to local communities they visit.

13-Oct-20 - As the Pandemic adjusts the industry Personal Travel Management is welcoming new agents into its family.

2-Oct-2020 - Our agency was positive and moving forward during the COVID pandemic. For this, our consortia, Ensemble, asked us to give advice to other agents. Darci Murray stepped up to the task.

14-Aug-20 - Conversations being had in the travel industry! PTMs Darci Murray is asked how our agency has been affected and what the future looks like.

10-Aug-20 - Using innovation, positivity and creativity to hit back during a pandemic! This is how PTM has dealt with the COVID19 Pandemic.

Radio Interviews

9-Aug-2019 - Agent Lisa Derby was interviewed by Margaret Gallagher of the CBC what the different levels of a travel advisory actually mean. (we are sourcing the recording so you can listen!)

6-Jul-2018 - Agent Yvette Crossley was interviewed by the CBC's Early Edition host Stephen Quinn to share some summer travel tips. Unfortunately we don't have the recording, but she was great!

6-Dec-2017 - Agent Lisa Derby was invited by Margaret Gallagher, host of BC Almanac, to give advise on travelling during the busy holiday season! You can listen to the recording on the CBC podcast (starts at minute 27).


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