Travel With Confidence

Each day that passes is one more day closer to being able to travel internationally again…

The world has changed! Now more than ever you need your travel advisor to assist with the ever-changing guidelines for travel as the world slowly opens to welcome visitors. Yes, things are changing quickly, however what we know for certain is that they are changing for the better. Never have safety and precautions been more important for you, the traveler, then they are today. We do post information on our website to help keep you informed, however for the most up to date information possible, give your advisor a call. They would love to hear from you. If they do not know the answer they know where to find it!

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As Canadians we will continue to travel and connect globally, it is what we love to do. Finding destinations that you can visit safely and protecting the countries we visit for the next generation is what, as advisors, gets us up in the morning. It is our passion and our commitment to YOU, the client.

We want to thank every friend, family member, business partner and most importantly, client, who has supported the travel and tourism industry over the years and continue to put their trust in us – especially now.

Help us rebuild the travel industry that has suffered devastating losses. Refer us to your friends and family and let them know that we were here to answer the phone when the world turned upside down and stranded many around the world.