Safest Countries for the LGBTQ Traveller

By Dean Nelson

Hello, darlings! Now, gather 'round because Mama Ru has got the tea on the LGBTQ+ scene across the globe. 

Lyric and Asher Fergusson, the dynamic duo behind a fabulous travel site, have spilled the tea on "The 203 Worst (& Safest) Countries for LGBTQ+ Travel in 2023." Oh, honey, you better believe they've ranked these places based on factors like discrimination protections, criminalization of violence, and the legality of same-sex love affairs. Mama Ru is here to serve you the sass and inspiration, so let's dive into this fierce report!

Now, let me tell you, Canada is strutting its stuff as the reigning queen of LGBTQ+ friendliness for the third year straight, honey! Sweden and the Netherlands are working that runway too, but Canada's got the legislative glam, darling. They were serving legalized same-sex marriage realness and constitutional anti-discrimination protections. Werk, Canada! But, hold up, don't get too comfortable because every country, including Canada, still has a long way to sashay in turning those laws into on-the-ground reality

Now, spill the tea, Asher Fergusson! The U.S. might be home to some fabulous queens, but it slipped one point on the LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index. Really, America? While some states are serving progressive realness, others are giving us major side-eye. And can we talk about over 300 anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-trans laws proposed in 2022 alone? Girl, that's not the kind of drama we signed up for!

But let's give snaps for progress! Mama Ru loves to see countries legalizing gay marriage and embracing love. Switzerland, Slovenia, Cuba – y'all are serving love supreme! Meanwhile, some countries need to sashay away from the negativity. Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria – death penalties for being fabulous? Not on our watch, henny!

Now, let's spill the realness about Indonesia – making sex outside of marriage a criminal offense? Sweetie, that affects our LGBTQ+ fam too! And don't even get me started on the slowpokes. Some countries are dragging their feet, honey, while we're waiting for even the most basic rights. It's like waiting for your Uber in stilettos – frustrating!

But Mama Ru wants to leave you with this T: Laws alone won't take us to the rainbow's end. Society needs to sashay away from the hate and embrace the fabulousness of their LGBTQ+ neighbours. Let's be compassionate, accepting, and create a world where everyone can sissy that walk without fearing violence. Love always wins, kittens! 💖✨

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