Pearl Lemauviel Pearl Lemauviel Travel Expert

Traveling with my family and friends is where I truly come alive. Together with loved ones, bonding over gourmet meals, and experiencing culture together in new and exciting destinations is my definition of a perfect vacation. As the proud grandparent of an adventurous young globetrotter, nothing brings me more joy than witnessing a young mind connecting and interacting with the world for the first time. These "Skip-Gen" adventures, where grandparents travel with their grandkids, are my passion.

Upon culminating a full and rewarding career in Wealth Management as a Certified Financial Planner in 2019, I found myself in a unique position to transform my love of laidback luxury travel into helping guide others on their own deeply connected family journeys. I joined an incredible team of independent travel advisors at the boutique travel agency Personal Travel Management to help me realize this passion. I am now living that dream as a member of an incredible team that covers every type of travel and every corner of the planet.

Transitioning from creating customized financial plans to customized travel itineraries has been a seamless and rewarding shift. Many of my friends and previous clients share my love of river cruising and traveling with family in comfort and style. I am grateful to have entered a phase of my life where I can use my own experiences and passion to bring travel joy to those in my network seeking to solidify their own family's bonds and create invaluable lifelong memories with the ones they love the most.

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