Pearl Lemauviel Pearl Lemauviel Travel Expert

Having the pleasure of spending the past 25 years in the wealth management industry - I always believed in going above and beyond taking extreme pride in the level of customer service I provided to any and all of my clients. But now it is time to follow another passion of mine that being ‘travel’. I was referred to Personal Travel Management’s boutique style of travel by a colleague. Right away I was fascinated with the level of knowledge in one office with specialists covering every type of travel and corner of the world. And couldn’t wait to dive right in and share my passion of the fine arts, culinary travel experiences & history of far off places with others

In the last 10 years my husband and I had the pleasure of exploring on trips involving intense planning. We spent a lot of time researching to make each trip not only a vacation but an ‘experience’.

I’m excited to be planning travel for clients with the ultimate goal of creating that memorable ‘experience’ not just another trip somewhere. This does not mean a one size fits all. It means tailoring and customizing what is important to you and your family. Whether this experience is a ‘culinary’ event, taking you back to your heritage (roots), or simply being ‘pampered’ with great attention to detail. When embarking on your holiday you want it to be seamless, and I can help you do this by planning your trip from start to finish!

Let the adventures begin. Please feel free to check out some photos of our travel and memories made!

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