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I started in the travel business in 1985 in a Vancouver suburban mall, airline tickets were handwritten, and one computer was shared with 2 co-workers, and there were three types of airfares.

Fast forward to the present day and I am a dedicated concierge style luxury and, Adventure Travel specialist in at Personal Travel Management Ltd., the boutique agency of the Lower Mainland.

You may ask how I got here. I was introduced to human geography in my teens by am amazing Grade 8 teacher. I studied Geography at University, and I wanted to share what I leaned with others from my heart.

Confucius said, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. I love what I do, travel is my passion, and I make sure to keep my clients educated, safe, offer choices, keep educating myself and I met Steven Covey once at a conference outside Paris in the early 90s. He published a book called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and he dedicates a chapter to “Sharpen the Saw”, advice I have always heeded. When I was a junior agent, I took a marketing course at BCIT. I volunteered 8 years at non-profit senior’s home in Vancouver and went to night school to get a Fundraising certificate at BCIT. I stay up to date with extra courses directly related to travel with my clients always top of mind.

I make sure I listen to my clients, meet in person when I can, keep in contact, I advocate on my client’s behalf, I save my clients time, I am creative, and my expert knowledge has opened doors and given clients new experiences they didn’t think were possible.

When my clients or referrals contact me to book adventure or luxury travel, I strive to exceed their expectations and add to their inspiration. I design and administer the experience. With the use of friendly business communication and a personal touch I turn my client's requests into reality, with adherence to their budget, guidelines and dreams.

Contact me and please send your referrals to:

Philip Beck

Travel Advisor, 'the guy that makes your travel bucket list happen!'

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Philip has been my travel advisor since he helped me plan an enjoyable trip to Machu Picchu in early 2000’s.

I have always found Philip very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He always listens to my requests before recommending quality services within my budget. He is open to suggestions and respects my decisions.

In October 2016, Philip arranged for a group tour taking me through Bolivia and a 4-day private trip to Lake Titicaca. The local operators were very effective, enthusiastic and friendly. Philip connected me with the right service providers and I had a most wonderful and memorable time on this trip.

The Newsletters Philip sends out is always a pleasure to read, I enjoy their diverse subject matters and the personal touch when he shares his own stories.


One word-outstanding! The guide Ole is incredible! Very deep knowledge and willing to answer our one thousand questions (You didn't know that Les' nickname is Mr Science). Highly recommend him and his team. Took us on a couple of new routes... we had some luck - mother and baby rhino- but mostly we benefited from his skill seeing three prides of lions with fresh kills and 8 cheetahs, four singles and then a family of 4. All accommodations outstanding.

Thank you for your expert advice and plans.


Just a shout out for Philip and his hard work.

A couple of years ago my daughter and I were taking an Intrepid tour to Jordan and Egypt. On the first leg to Toronto Lufthansa went on strike. We let Philip know immediately then went to the Lufthansa desk. This proved useless as there was a huge amount of people and the line didn’t move.

My daughter and I are both laid back personalities so we just said “oh well let’s take the next leg to Munich and see what happens”. When we arrived in Germany Philip texted us that he had somehow got us on a Royal Jordanian flight to Amman.

So good work Philip and thanks again.

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