Michelle Sitbon Michelle Sitbon Travel Expert

I want to share with you a little about me, and what I offer my guests on our trips.

The most valuable resource I can offer is my passion. My love of travel, art and culture shines through in everything I do. My clients, my family and my friends turn to me for advice and knowledge about travel but they always agree that it is my passion that truly inspires them. This is a great compliment and I am very thankful that I have been able to help so many people enjoy the world as I do.

As a teenager, growing up in Israel, I aspired to visit every corner of the country that I could. I would steal away weekends and holidays to explore and adventure. I have such fond memories of travel with my youth group and trips with my family, falling in love with the country that I still treasure so much. Israel’s special landscape - from the great desert to the mountains and the canyons taught me how diverse and unique a land can be and how a connection to ancient history and culture is interwoven in our understanding of travel.

This special connection to my native land led me to share this experience with my friends and eventually my clients, who agree that travelling with a guide completely changes your appreciation of a place. All I’ve wanted since I was young was to share this passion and help other people experience locations as I have done.

When I was last in Israel to visit family in the town of Beer Sheba, we stopped at the Bedouin village of Lakya. I was on a mission there to visit Naama, the woman behind the social venture of desert embroidery. While sitting in a tent together sipping bitter coffee, Naama taught me all about the traditional embroidery as a means to empower local women in this inhospitable landscape. It was inspiring to see how art serves as away to help these women who come from underprivileged backgrounds, finding ways to grow and overcome barriers to their independence. In my tours I aspire to always participate in these kinds of social ventures as a way to empower the communities we visit. This is at the heart of all of my trips; to visit is a privilege and giving back to the communities who give us so much is extraordinarily important to me. I have also found it to be extremely important to my clients who go home with such meaningful memories, that stay with them as they did me -- a small child travelling in wonder through Israel.

My second great love, is art. This began in New York, tracing a trail through Boston, Chicago and later Washington, absorbing everything I know from the source and the community around me. This was later fed by my summers in France with my French husband. Discovering the beautiful landscapes of the old masters like Van Gogh and Cezanne inspired decades of love for the origins of modern art. Later, the West coast of the USA lit the fires of passion in me once again, from San Francisco to Seattle bringing new techniques, eras and accessibility to the art world.

What you can expect from my trips:

  • Meticulously organized - my background in information science has instilled in me an eye for detail and the tools to find the most updated information and trends in the travel industry.
  • Social enterprise - every trip I offer has elements of learning, and giving back to the community.
  • Rich history - An immense amount of research and knowledge has gone into the trips, along with years of experience in this sector.
  • Community - meet people from all walks of life, interact with locals and enjoy yourself! It’s a vacation after all!

Travel should be an interactive experience, and that includes the planning stages. Send me your ideas, your thoughts and your interests and I can help design the perfect trip for you.

For our current selection of tours, please visit Your Art Voyage or for concierge or specific requests, get in touch at [email protected]. Happy to help!

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