Jennifer Patterson Jennifer Patterson Travel Expert

My History

After travelling around Europe on a Eurail pass for 4-months, I knew I wanted to work in the travel industry. My experiences of staying in hostels also made me keen on youth and solo-travel, because travelling around on your own is a great way to learn about life and the world.

To fuel my passion for more travel knowledge, I enrolled in college. The course included a work-placement program at the Travel CUTS (Canadian University Travel Service), which turned me into a “lifer”.

I started my career as a travel agent, and worked my way up to be a store manager before founding The Adventure Travel Company, a division of Travel CUTS. This provided opportunities for me to work in several countries around the world, explore and meet all kinds of like-minded people.

Why Work With Me?

The best thing about my career is the sharing of travels and adventures with fellow travelers and using my 36-years of experience to help facilitate the trips that best suit my clients.

My specialty is adventure travel, hiking, cycling holidays, small ship sailing, river cruises and designing bespoke trips. Over the last few years I have found a new passion in expedition cruising, which has taken me from Antarctica to the Arctic – several times and places in between, like the Galapagos, and the Labrador Coast!

As an independent travel agent, I have the flexibility to offer unbiased options that are best suited for you. My affiliation with larger companies provides the buying power to offer competitive deals. These, combined with my experience in the travel industry, allows me to offer you the best options of travel ideas, travel companies and by working together we can plan your ideal journey!

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