Linda Heiss Linda Heiss Travel Expert

I read a quote once that said a traveler sees what he sees, a tourist sees what he has come to see. Preconceived ideas of what to expect often hinder our comprehension and we are educated more from knowledge learned through experience.

At this time, I choose to take the quote literally. I believe that both are valid points of view and quite intrinsic to the planning process.

Parts of today’s travel most often require pre-planning; organized in such a manner that it encompasses preset activities (festivals, exhibits, breeding seasons, conference agendas, airline/rail schedules).

The amount of time we have at our disposal, our budget, the personal limitations of the travelers/companions all determine what must be arranged in advance and where we can opt for unfettered time to embrace the culture, sights, smells, wildlife, and people. The perfect itinerary blends so that the traveler and the tourist in all of us is satisfied that we have absorbed wisdom and enlightened ourselves with enriching experiences.

Helping put all this into perspective is what I do best.

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