Family Vacations

What memories are most prominent in your mind? The time your parents and your children (their grandchildren) shared melting ice-cream on a cruise you did 5 years ago? The time you and your kids went to South America and explored the green jungle and found the swinging monkeys? Or is it the time you and your friends took the time to soak up the sun on the sandy beaches and swim in the blue water of the Caribbean?

Family is different for everyone. The persons you include in your family and the structure of it changes from person to person. Some families are small, some biological and some are of people that mean the most to you with no biological connection. Your family might be multi-generational. Every family is unique, and important.

Family time is precious, especially in the high stress, fast and busy era we live in.

So, when you are planning a family vacation to spend your limited and precious time and money, it can get a little stressful. So many opinions, geographical distances, likes (and dislikes), not to mention budgets. Who wants to take that on!?! Personal Travel Management does!

No matter who you consider your family – our agents specialising in family travel will understand that your family is unique and each family member has different needs. Your family vacation needs be special for everyone! We consider the geographical requirements of where your family is travelling from, identify the best things to do for all the members of your family and ensure that everyone can create memories!

You have 18 summers, spring breaks and christmas’s to make memories that will last a lifetime. Call us today to help reduce your stress and make everlasting family memories!

Memories created on vacation by our agents:

Our family and friends traveled to Costa Rica for 2 weeks! Not once did we hear 'I’m bored’ or ‘Can we watch TV’. The first week the kids were exploring, swimming and surfing. The second week we ventured to the National Parks to see the monkeys, iguanas and do some ziplining. Read more about our agent Janice Hague’s family group time in Costa Rica here!

Sometimes family vacations are more about discovering family, than it is about travelling with the family. On an across the country road trip with a girlfriend, our agent Kathryn visited family, discovered places related to her ancestry and got to know the country she and her family calls home. Read more about Kathryn Comeau-Wong's adventure in Canada here!

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