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Where in the world? We have you covered!

Around the globe there are so many destinations to visit, so many experiences to experience, so many people to meet and learn from. Its an important decision when you decide to go on vacation as to how you spend that time.

Our experienced agents have covered every part of the globe in their own travels and are keen to make your travels as exciting as theirs were!

Our Africa Travel specialists: Christine Boecker | Robyn Bentley

From Safaris on the Serengeti to the Markets of Marrakech

Ready to track lions, elephants or giraffes? Go on the Safari of your dreams with our expert local guides!

If this is your first trip to Africa, a safari is a must. If you're keen to live in absolute luxury and observe the wildlife from your private patio or 4x4 jeep, then we have the journey or you. And you're not limited to any one country or reserve, as Africa has many to choose from:

  • Zambia’s Livingston or Lower Zambezi National Parks where the wonders are as diverse as the wildlife. Experience the “smoke that thunders” at Victoria Falls or gaze at wildlife from the comfort of a sunset cruise down the Zambezi river.
  • Tanzania’s Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti National Parks where the wildebeest thunder across the plains or big cats like lions and leopards lounge in the umbrella thorn trees. Enjoy private guided tours by 4x4 while scanning the Ngorongoro crater for jackals, hyenas and the endangered black rhinoceros.
  • Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve and Rwanda Volcanoes National Park where endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees can be tracked in the rainforests.

A cultural tour is more your style? Well, you’re in luck, culture runs deep in Africa. Many African cultures are intrinsically linked to animals and wildlife, cultural tours run the gamut of activities. There is also the option of food and wine experiences. All in one tour, you can:

  • Ride the luxurious Rovos Rail, shop the boutiques of South Africa’s Cape Town, learn about the history of diamond mining and visit Boulders Beach for a unique view of the African penguin’s breeding colony.
  • Get lost in the medinas of Marrakech, explore beach towns with expert guides and picnic in the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Camp in luxury under the Saharan desert where the while darkness reveals the night sky in all its glory.

And the lists go on. Leave no stone unturned on your next trip to Africa.

Explore the possibilities of Africa with a travel expert today. Our Africa Travel specialists: Christine Boecker | Robyn Bentley

Our Europe Travel Specialists: John Jankowiak | John and Kate | Wendy Perkins-Mantle

From Sandy Beaches to Castles with a Story to Tell

A visit to Europe can start in many places, just pick a theme!

Depending on your arrival destination in Europe you will either be struck by the cosmopolitan feel of the city, or the architectural beauty of times past. Either way, you know you are now somewhere different and will be ready to explore.

Europe's geography is as vast as the opportunities:

  • Mountain ranges reveal beautiful hikes and enticing ski slopes.
  • Lake districts showcase summer swimming.
  • Vineyards and farmland tours lure taste buds with locally prepared culinary delights.
  • Ancient ruins and castles tell interesting stories of past empires.

An Europe's culture is as vast as the geography.

Travel any of the 47 countries and find something different in every single one.

  • Germany – Festivals of beer and bratwurst, steins and schnitzels.
  • England – Royalty and rolling hills.
  • Romania – Storytelling castles of medieval times.
  • France – Wine, wine and more wine! And cheese, of course.
  • Belgium – History - and chocolate too.
  • Italy – Pizza, pasta, prosciutto… Venice, Rome, Florence, do we need to say more.
  • Austria – Chalet dotted ski slopes of the eastern alps.
  • Portugal - Dramatic shorelines and hidden beaches.
  • Greece - Aqua blue water and hillside villages.

Depending on what you are looking for in your travels, a trip to Europe can be made throughout the year.

Grab a bike and explore the peaks, valleys and cobbled streets of coastal Croatia during summer - with pit stops for a swim in the crystal clear azure waters. If shopping is more your style, consider a winter visit to experience the magical Christmas markets.

Long-stays, say in Southern Spain, are a great way to immerse yourself in a local culture, and get to know the farmers at local markets and take a cooking class or two. Or, perhaps Flamenco dancing is more your pace? Well, that can be arranged – and at the snap of the fingers, olé!

If you’re looking to cover multiple countries in one trip, we can gather the best short-stay itineraries across Europe, like cycling the Jurassic Coast in Southern Britain, weekending in Paris, France and exploring the gorgeous grand plazas of Brussels, Belgium.

Personalize your European experience to you, make it unique.

Your biggest decision is which experience are you going to have on your European Travel! Contact our Europe Travel Specialists today!

Our South Pacific Experts - Bronwen Hill | Jenny Revesz | Linda Heiss

From Cultural Experiences to Adventure Touring

“Where do I go?” and “what do I do?” are like the chorus of a favorite song to our ears. Yes, it’s repetitive, for sure, but we love to hear you belt out those words. Especially, when you ask about the South Pacific.

The South Pacific region is spacious, diverse and full of possibility:

  • New Zealand
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Australia
  • French Polynesian Islands
  • Pacific Islands

The options are endless – the Daintree Rainforest, Kaikoura seal watching, sacred cultural sites, archaeological wonders – we could go on!

Simply web search South Pacific for a unique destination and the results are overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be.

When you contact a South Pacific travel expert at Personal Travel Management, you get a personalized experience. We build lasting relationships with travellers, just like you, to ensure every one of your South Pacific trips is unique to your interests.

Yes, it’s a lot like the time you called a friend for first hand knowledge. But better - with preferred customer pricing, in-destination assistance, and plenty of tips on what to see and do.

What to Do

From outback adventures to an island-hopping cultural cruise, we can tailor make your trip. Simply bring us a budget, a time-frame and a list of things you love to do, and we deliver options.

Craving adventure? We have you covered!

Glow Worm Caves of Northern New Zealand - explore twists, turns and waterfall jumps on a blackwater tubing adventure through limestone caves to the unexpected beauty of the glow worm habitat.

Snorkel/Dive Tours of the Australian Coastline – swim through shipwrecks, untouched coral, grey shark habitat and schools of colourful fish from the Great Barrier Reef to the shores of Tasmania.

Plus, there so much more to ask us about . . . like hiking, biking, skiing and bungy jumping.

Seeking culture? We know about that too!

Maori Cultural Tours – listen to wood carvers tell stories of traditional art or sit with Maori people to share a slow cooked meal prepared in a traditional Hangi - a hot stone oven layered with earth.

Tahitian Cultural Tours – connect with the cultural roots of the Tahitian people through rich storytelling, vibrant tropical fruit tasting and ceremonial dances full of colourful flower headdresses, handwoven grass skirts and traditional drums and flutes.

Plus, there’s so much more to ask us about . . . like brewery tours, farm tours and theatre.

Even if you’re keen on a self-guided tour, you can still cover the best of New Zealand – North to South – in just 21 days with the help of a South Pacific travel expert.

With our Featured Trip and Group Departure itineraries, travellers get the benefits of a longstanding relationship with hoteliers, car rental agencies, cruise lines and tour operators throughout the South Pacific. Plus, it’s a region that is safe and friendly.

When to visit the South Pacific

Anytime is a good time for travel, right?!

Our South Pacific specialists can help you determine your travel needs. Whether it’s off-season to beat the crowds, the best time for whale-watching or a definite need for sunny days, we can help you decide when to depart for the South Pacific.

Contact one of our South Pacific Travel Experts today!

Bronwen Hill | Jenny Revesz | Linda Heiss