Tanzania with a visit to see the Gorillas


Jenny will be escorting a small group tour to Tanzania again in 2019. This time the itinerary includes a visit to the Bwindi National Park in Uganda. Here she and her group will be viewing the Gorillas


During your 22 day tour - 5 days is spent in Rwanda viewing the Mountain Gorillas.

Your 5 days starts at Kigali Serena for your overnight stay. The following afternoon you continue to Bwindi National Park ready to visit the Gorilla Habituation on day 3 and get to know the Gorillas behaviour, names and connect with them individually. This experience is extended with a 4hr permit (normal permits are 1hr in duration only).

You will also travel to Uganda and visit the Golden Monkey Tracking in Mgahinga National Park. This is the only location in Uganda that tracks these monkeys.

Please note this itinerary will be customized for your group and will vary from the above description.

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Pricing based on 4 persons travelling.