Our COVID-19 Response

Thank you for visiting the Personal Travel Management website.

While Tourism all over the world has temporarily come to a halt, it is important for you to know that WE ARE OPEN!

Now that we have arranged the safe return of not only our clients but also many other stranded travellers from all corners of the world, we can start to plan for the future. Travel in April or May and perhaps even in June may not be possible, researchers are suggesting that by August, if not before, we will be on the move.

We have the opportunity now to start thinking of the places you would like to see, not just next year but for the next five years. Speak with one of our amazing advisors to create a plan of when & where to go. We all need something to look forward to!

Our Personal Travel Management team is strong, and although we may not be able to meet with you in person, we can meet with you online or over the phone. We have been in business 25 years and plan to be here for at least 25 more. We will weather the storm together as we have in the past and be stronger for it!

The team at Personal Travel Management truly is the best of the best! Collectively we have travelled the world and we look forward to sharing our experiences and expertise with you. We are working closely with travel partners to provide you with wonderful opportunities to give you the confidence to travel again once the time is right.

May you and your families stay safe and healthy!

Rikki Hepburn

Many companies are enhancing their health and safety protocols for return back to service. You can find some useful links and information on our website.