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My parents are re-evaluating whether or not it was a good idea to take my brother and I travelling when we were young.

Both of us haven’t stopped jet setting since.

I love to explore new countries and meet new people which is why I want to help people do the same thing!

I thought I had been to a lot of countries, Thailand, Borneo, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Austria, New Zealand several times, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, but this is just a drop in the ocean of places that are on my list! Granted I realise I can’t get to all countries within my lifetime, so I am going to help my clients get there! This is why I love working at Personal Travel Management, with so many agents who have travelled extensively themselves, there is always someone to discuss a destination with and how to do the destination proud.

There is so much to learn from those in other countries, whether it is beading in Africa, cooking in Vietnam or choosing the perfect wine in France. I will not forget travelling in Vietnam and coming home, Australia at the time, with a new appreciation/view on my own lifestyle and community.

My travelling won’t stop, and I hope yours doesn’t either! Let’s make sure they are all amazing adventures that continue to make us travel and explore!


Our agent (Bronwen) was extremely helpful in getting our family organized for our vacation. Given that we were travelling with two young kids, we needed to plan our flights and accommodations to meet their needs as well. She asked questions about what our goals were, presented options for our flights, and confirmed everything well in advance so we knew exactly what we were getting into, right up to booking our seats on some flights to help keep our kids contained. The accommodations that she found in Munich were perfect for our extended family - right on a major transit line, close to all amenities, and very clean. We are very happy with the service that we received.

Burt James and Steph Hindle

Bronwen was a life saver and was even classy enough not to say I told you so!  We decided to book the last leg of our flight on our own since we found a cheaper flight but then after a missed connection and delays we completely missed that flight and while we were over the atlantic on the way to Europe with no way to get things sorted out she was able to get us another flight to Morocco and all based on some pretty frantic emails that must have kept her up late.  Thanks Bronwen!

Aharon Arnstein

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