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“Mum, Dad, Darryl and I went walking Today. We walked to the Vatican where the pope lives. It’s so amazing. There’s heaps of nice paintings on the walls. Go and see it. I would see it again”.

At The Vatican 1996

This is from my travel diary and describes one of my days from the first overseas trip my family took when I was 11 yrs old. A common theme in my first ever travel journal was “go and see it”! Funny how years later I still say it and guess what? I did go and see it again when travelling through Europe in my early 20’s.

To travel is to experience local cultures and communities - from the rice paddies in Vietnam, the Mona Lisa in Paris, the majestic waterfalls in New Zealand, to “where the pope lives” or the ancient ruins in Peru. In visiting new places and being part of new experiences around the globe a person creates memories and grows within themselves!

What is holding you back?

Your travel time is limited, do you want to spend it planning travel, or do you want to just travel?

"Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God". - Kurt Vonnegut

I coordinate amazing travel itineraries! I am your travel planner. Share your travel ideas and dreams with me. I then provide you with suggestions. Once we confirm, I coordinate the bookings and provide support until you return from every journey. This includes when you are thrown a curve ball; hurricanes, strikes, the unexpected, you will have someone at home to deal with these issues, leaving you free to just enjoy your travel!

I am as invested in your journeys as you are!

Where are you going?

As a professional Travel Agent I have a wide circle of industry contacts and knowledgeable colleagues. I have traveled extensively coming from Australia and travelling in Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, United States and New Zealand. I thrive on learning about new adventures, unique opportunities and meeting the people who provide these experiences. I have a lot of business cards!

What you should know about me:

  • I get excited about travel – not just mine but other people’s!
  • I truly believe everyone can travel! I have obtained my Special Needs Certification to demonstrate my commitment to enable those with mobility challenges or extra care requirements the opportunity to travel.
  • I feel privileged to share travel experiences with my clients

In preparing for your adventure, you want someone who understands you and your travelling requirements.

What type of traveler are you?

Are you a small interest group going to explore the Fjords of New Zealand?

Do you want to travel, but thought it was too hard because of a physical disability?

Are you school group going to visit some students in another province for a shared sporting or cultural event?

Are you wanting to make connections with your family history?

Are you taking your first big trip?

Are you a corporation that needs someone efficient to manage your company’s travel?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, you should contact me! I live in Whistler and enjoy meeting my clients throughout the Sea-to-Sky corridor, from Pemberton and into Vancouver. Call or email me to schedule time to discuss your travel plans and “Go and see it!”

Here are some pictures of my earlier travels!


Bronwen Hill and Personal Travel Management handled all of my family's travel needs such as finding suitable accommodations and fun activities, all within our budget. We were always in communication. I trusted them with my credit card.

Kim Swartz

I would definitely book my flights with Bronwen in the future! She is professional, helpful and she found me the best deals. Her efforts provided me with peace of mind on my trip and a wonderful travelling experience.

Nasima Ramji

Our agent (Bronwen) was extremely helpful in getting our family organized for our vacation. Given that we were travelling with two young kids, we needed to plan our flights and accommodations to meet their needs as well. She asked questions about what our goals were, presented options for our flights, and confirmed everything well in advance so we knew exactly what we were getting into, right up to booking our seats on some flights to help keep our kids contained. The accommodations that she found in Munich were perfect for our extended family - right on a major transit line, close to all amenities, and very clean. We are very happy with the service that we received.

Burt James and Steph Hindle
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