Learning in our backyard!

By Brady Murray

A visit to Vancouver Island, I learned about culture, wildlife and my family!

Last summer I went to Port McNeil on Vancouver Island in BC Canada. I went with my Mom (Darci Murray) and my three brothers. During this camping trip, I learned about all kinds of wildlife that live there; the bears, the whales, the crabs. I also learned about the first nations culture at Alert Bay. During that trip not only did I learn about wildlife, I also learned about my Mom. She is a lot braver than I thought she was. First she decided to do this whole camping thing in the first place, all alone with four boys, and secondly through the rainy stormy nights with the new things we were doing she stayed calm.

I will have one memory of my Mom that I will never forget; the first crab I cooked, peeled, and ate with my mom it was so delicious.

My mom ever since I was little said that she would take me anywhere in the world once I turned 16. I have thought about this for a long time and I think I would want to go to Hong Kong. My mom lived there for several years and she could teach me about everything she did there.

But, when I am a full-grown adult, I would like to travel to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I am obsessed with sea life and would love to see some tropical coral reefs. I would love traveling as an adult because I could do what I am interested in and, if I have kids, I can take them to some cool places that my parents have taken me.

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