Good Ol' Fashion Fun

By Darci Murray

4 days of sailing and entertainment!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL)has a reputation for outstanding entertainment! High dive shows, CATS productions, Ice skating shows, Mamma Mia are just a few things you can expect from Royal Caribbean. When I found my perfect 4-day cruise to Ketchikan I knew I was in for a treat, but really had no expectations. I figured all the top-notch entertainment would be on the bigger and newer ships. Our ship was “Radiance of the Seas”, an older (20 years) smaller ship in the RCCL fleet.

True, a smaller ship does not have the fancier theatre with all the bells and whistles but I was entertained from the minute I got on the ship to the minute I stepped off. I’m not a person who sits still well, so this was great! Every day the list of daily events were slipped under our cabin door. I would read this and highlight what activities I wanted to participate in from the extensive list. No one can be bored! PARTICIPATE is absolutely an essential word here.

Guests participated in most of the entertainment that was provided. It was good ol' fashioned fun with leaders engaging the crowd and tons of laughter. When all else fails do the YMCA! No kidding, night number one started off with a 70’s theme in the concourse lobby bar area with the Royal Caribbean staff dressed as the village people. After about 10 minutes of the entertainment team handing out blinking disco rings and engaging with guests everyone was doing there best Staying Alive interpretation.

During the day there was “Name that Tune”, celebrity hairstyle guessing games, movies in the pool or the theater, casino game lessons, magic shows, art walks, cooking lessons even towel folding lessons. Now towel folding…. Sounds not so exciting right? But everyday when you went back to your room your towel could be found in a different shape. It was something to look forward to… a mystery would it be a rabbit, a boat, a monkey… where would it be hiding or would it be obvious… just old old-fashioned fun!

Our cruise director mentioned they like to put 7 days’ worth of entertainment into the 4-night cruise. I believe it! With my highlighted list of daily activities there were moments when I had to run from one side of the ship to the next in “fear of missing out” aka FOMO. There were comedy shows, magic shows, a Billy Joel Piano Man production, Elvis night, the sky bar, karaoke, crazy quest, 50’s dance party, and let's never forget the country singer at the Quill and Compass who was simply awesome!

Royal Caribbean is also known for their food. It was amazing! I really do not know how such quality of food can be prepared for that many people on a ship. Not going to question it though, just grateful. I ate and enjoyed as much as I could because there was one last highlight that I want to mention and that was the gym. The treadmills were set up in a way that when you ran, you felt like you were running on water with the best view on board. Totally peaceful – simply awesome!

It was an amazing 4 days on the Radiance of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean Staff provided non-stop good ol' fashioned fun! Forever grateful.

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