Whistler night walk with Vallea Lumina

By Bronwen Hill

Wise old growth trees and stardust bring Whistlers' Cougar Mountain to life.

It is said that Leonard and Gloria set off looking for the Hidden Valley. They haven’t been seen since their departure. Last night my friends and I set off through the forest at Whistler’s Cougar Mountain to find this 'Hidden Valley' and report back any sightings of Leonard and Gloria.

Along the 1.5km path we tested our Morse code skills to report back sightings and were entertained by beautiful music accompanied by spectacular light shows. A night time walk in the forest has never been so enchanting.

This outdoor production is the first of its kind in Whistler and based on the crowd last night, certainly a hit. The Montreal based company has used The Adventure Groups location at Cougar Mountain to host this spectacular light show. Patrons young and old were mesmerized by the lighting and enjoyed the night time walk in the old growth Cedar and Spruce forest. Be warned though, there are some hilly sections, so not advisable for those unsteady on their feet.

My pictures really do not do this production justice. For those visiting Whistler this summer or living here, this is definitely worth taking the night to go and see. Take your time and enjoy as you are not timed or restricted. Allow 3hrs for the whole experience as you must take the bus from the village out to Base Camp. Once there you can relax by the camp fires and and make Smores before heading out on your search for the Hidden Valley.

If you are travelling to Whistler, give me a call and I can put together an entertaining itinerary.

Here is an excerpt of our little adventure! Notice that there is no one talking in this video - that is because everyone was watching in awe!