Where to See Gorillas in the Wild

By Janice Hague

A common question I get is : which country is better to see the Gorillas Uganda or Rwanda?

There is no right answer they are both great its really depends on the traveller.

In a nutshell here are some of the differences to help you decide which country suits you best.


  • Is a much smaller country with a stronger economy, higher standard of hotels and better infrastructure.
  • Its only a 2-hour drive from Kigali airport to Volcanos National park.

Can be done as a day trip but recommend allowing 2-3 days .

  • Most of the terrain encountered is more open bamboo forests with less jungle vegetation allowing for easier walking to find and view the gorillas.
  • No need to worry about acclimatization.
  • Gorillas permit $ 1500.00USD


  • Attracts a more adventurous ,budget minded fit traveller.
  • Its more than double the size offering more opportunities for a longer tour combining  Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth Park, Kibale chimpanzee park etc
  • Cannot be done as a day trip.
  • Altitude may affect some travellers
  • Approx 8-hour drive from Entebbe airport
  • Not LGBQ friendly
  • Bwindi Impenetrable forest as the name applies means be prepared for a more difficult trek to see Gorillas, could be up to 6 hours in slippery, muddy, steep jungle conditions to find them.
  • Uganda standard 1-hour Gorillas permit $ 700.00USD
  • New Gorillas Habituation permit $1500.00US for a 4 hour visit instead of the standard 1 hour.