River Cruising

River cruising is the fastest growing segment of the travel market – why is that? River cruising offers many wonderful travel advantages. You get the all inclusive value that you are used to when you take an ocean cruise, accommodations, meals, shore tours and onboard entertainment are all part of your programme. The boats carry fewer passengers so you are able to enjoy a relaxed less crowded travel experience and make new friends along the way.

You will enjoy a diversity of sights and experiences on and off the boat. A river cruise will take you to places away from the crowds where you will see daily life rooted in traditions. You will be able to take guided excursions or explore on your own.

River cruises are most popular for European destinations but you can now take trips to exotic places like Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India or how about exploring the Amazon by riverboat?

There are so many options for river cruising. Our river cruise specialists are here to help you choose the right one for your time, interests and budget.

See our Featured Trips page for details on some River Cruising itineraries.

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