River Cruising

From the Rhine River to the Villages of Vietnam

Considering a cruise? We highly recommend giving river cruising a go – it is one of the most engaging ways to explore villages and wildlife around the world.

River cruising across Europe offers a comfier, slower pace than the typical plane or train travel. Riverboats give you the opportunity to:

  • soak in castles and cathedrals on the Danube River before stopping in city Christmas Markets or tiny villages along the way,
  • view tulips upon tulips up and down Rhine River from Amsterdam to Brussels,
  • immerse yourself in the cultures, languages and culinary delights of the Rhine and Rhone Rivers as they meander through Germany and France.

Africa, Asia and South America are equally as impressive with trips combining multiple modes of travel that will simply take your breath away:

  • hike Machu Picchu, cruise the Peruvian Amazon River and ocean cruise the Galapagos to round out your trip to South America,
  • make noodles in a small village in Cambodia, take an ox car ride through Phnom Penh and hop aboard a riverboat tour to watch the banks of the Mekong Delta go by from your luxury cabin,
  • tour the vineyards of South Africa, safari by boat on the Chobe river and ride the luxurious Rovos Rail to the Hwange Game Reserve.

River cruising lets you see the world close up.

Every trip can be custom built to your travel dreams: adventure, cultural, culinary and more. Quality service and local dining delights can be found on board riverboats around the world. Plus, there is a river cruise for every budget.

Contact one of our River Cruise Specialists to find the quintessential river cruise, today!

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