Airport Security – Innovative? Inspired? Irritating?

By Christine Boecker

I was high on Travel!

We had just wrapped up a luxury experiential travel conference in Marrakech, Morocco together with high-level travel industry colleagues from around the globe. It was an inspiring week of networking, great celebrations and innovative travel concepts that can change our perspective of the world we explore.

Message me – I’d be happy to share some exciting ideas for your next journey.

And then it was time to return to Canada. I was flying out of Casablanca bound for Vancouver via Montreal – and that’s where the word ‘innovation’ took on a whole new meaning. Having undergone 5 security checks, four of them before I’d even left Morocco (and everyone with vastly differing demands) I asked myself – was that too much and too little security at the same time? What would you say? Read what awaited me>>