Spring into Summer Action!

By Bronwen Hill

My Top Tips for Enjoying Summer Vacations!

We all know how to enjoy summer vacations and we have grand plans! Then all of a sudden September is here and the kids are back at school and we go back to work and what, where did summer go? That hike up the valley to see the old growth trees, that visit to Vancouver Island to see Jane and Ted because we haven't seen them in sooooo long!

Here are my top 3 tips for making it an epic summer vacation!

1. PLAN IT and SCHEDULE IT NOW! I mean right now - maybe this should have been at the end of the list so you continue reading. If you say 'We will do that this summer' like so many of us do, it will be over before you actually get a chance to do it. Sit down with the calendar now and plan it out. That is what spring is about - springing into action! Summer is action.

2. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT - Even if you go to the cabin on the lake (which sounds so peaceful and relaxing BTW) do something different. That hike you said you were going to do 'one day' - that day is now! If your summer vacation is a bit further afield, try the local cooking class, take a bike ride, or immerse yourself in the local festival that is happening - because summer = festivals. Doing something different and unexpected, it might teach you something about yourself!

3. MAKE MEMORIES WITH THOSE YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR - spend time with your family, your unappreciative kids, your best friend, your new friend, your cat or dog, but
make sure you make memories with those people that are important to you!

4. I'm giving you a bonus one here - DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF - summer is limited in time. Enjoy it, don't hold onto grudges, move on and build good memories/experiences!

These tips are not rocket science, cause I'm a Travel Agent, but they work for me when I implement them, I hope they work for you. Now I'm off to schedule my trip to the Okanagan that I said I would do 3 years ago (because I didn't schedule it!).

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