European Travel

A visit to Europe can start in many places, just pick a theme! Depending on your arrival destination in Europe you will either be struck by the cosmopolitan feel of the city, or the architectural beauty of times past. Either way, you know you are now somewhere different and will be ready to explore.

The geography of Europe is as vast as the opportunities. Mountainous ranges provide ample opportunity for hiking or skiing. Lakes districts provide beautiful summer swimming locations. Vineyards and agricultural grounds provide opportunities to delve into the culinary. Ancient ruins and castles leave interesting stories of past empires.

47 countries make up what we consider to be Europe. Each of these countries has something different to offer:

  • Germany – Steins and Schnitzels.
  • England – Royalty and rolling hills.
  • Romania – Storytelling castles.
  • France – Wine, wine and more wine!
  • Belgium – History.
  • Italy – Pizza and Pasta.
  • Austria – Skiing in the alps.
  • Portugal - Winter sun escape.
  • Greece - Amazing beaches.

Depending on what you are looking for in your travels, a trip to Europe can be made throughout the year. Grab a bike and explore the valleys and quaint towns in the summer. If shopping is more your style, consider a winter visit to experience the magical Christmas markets. Personalise your European experience to you, make it unique.

Your biggest decision is which experience are you going to have on your European Travel!

When To Visit Europe:

Anytime of the year!

There are so many itineraries available. June to September are peak season. So, plan those trips early! This will give you the choice of what your vacation will look like.

A winter vacation can also be part of your plans. Skiing or world famous Christmas markets

How To Get Around:

Travelling from one experience to another within Europe can be done in many ways – train, flying, cruising or self driving. It can be many experiences or a long anticipated one. It can be an individual experience or one shared with those around you.

Visiting several countries in one vacation is seamless and expands your cultural experience in Europe.

Q&A for European Travel:

Q - Can I take my kids to Europe?
– Of course! Give the kids a practical lesson in history in Belgium! Take a scavenger hunt in the Louvre. Learn traditions in England. There are so many reasons to take children to Europe.

Q – How long do we need in Europe?
– A trip to Europe can be short and sweet as you like, or perhaps a long stay. We will give you recommendations based on your objectives for the trip. Or escape the winter and book a long stay.

Q – What is a long stay vacation?
– Long stay vacations are a great option to escape the Canadian Winter. Visit Spain or Portugal (other destinations available) for a month or longer. Stay in an apartment and explore the local area from your new ‘home’.

Q – I am an active traveller – what options are there for me?
– Biking, hiking and sports travel can all be accommodated in a unique experience in Europe.

Q – I have food allergies, can I travel in Europe?
– Absolutely! There are so many food options available in Europe. You know your allergies best, so make sure to ask.

Q – Will my electronics work in Europe?
– You will just need an adapter. Find one with 2 pins to fit into European power sockets.