Our Europe Travel Specialists: John Jankowiak | John and Kate | Wendy Perkins-Mantle

From Sandy Beaches to Castles with a Story to Tell

A visit to Europe can start in many places, just pick a theme!

Depending on your arrival destination in Europe you will either be struck by the cosmopolitan feel of the city, or the architectural beauty of times past. Either way, you know you are now somewhere different and will be ready to explore.

Europe's geography is as vast as the opportunities:

  • Mountain ranges reveal beautiful hikes and enticing ski slopes.
  • Lake districts showcase summer swimming.
  • Vineyards and farmland tours lure taste buds with locally prepared culinary delights.
  • Ancient ruins and castles tell interesting stories of past empires.

An Europe's culture is as vast as the geography.

Travel any of the 47 countries and find something different in every single one.

  • Germany – Festivals of beer and bratwurst, steins and schnitzels.
  • England – Royalty and rolling hills.
  • Romania – Storytelling castles of medieval times.
  • France – Wine, wine and more wine! And cheese, of course.
  • Belgium – History - and chocolate too.
  • Italy – Pizza, pasta, prosciutto… Venice, Rome, Florence, do we need to say more.
  • Austria – Chalet dotted ski slopes of the eastern alps.
  • Portugal - Dramatic shorelines and hidden beaches.
  • Greece - Aqua blue water and hillside villages.

Depending on what you are looking for in your travels, a trip to Europe can be made throughout the year.

Grab a bike and explore the peaks, valleys and cobbled streets of coastal Croatia during summer - with pit stops for a swim in the crystal clear azure waters. If shopping is more your style, consider a winter visit to experience the magical Christmas markets.

Long-stays, say in Southern Spain, are a great way to immerse yourself in a local culture, and get to know the farmers at local markets and take a cooking class or two. Or, perhaps Flamenco dancing is more your pace? Well, that can be arranged – and at the snap of the fingers, olé!

If you’re looking to cover multiple countries in one trip, we can gather the best short-stay itineraries across Europe, like cycling the Jurassic Coast in Southern Britain, weekending in Paris, France and exploring the gorgeous grand plazas of Brussels, Belgium.

Personalize your European experience to you, make it unique.

Your biggest decision is which experience are you going to have on your European Travel! Contact our Europe Travel Specialists today!