Greece with a Splash of Turkey


Virgin Voyages

Sometimes it's just about the camraderie! Greece is one of those destinations known for drinking is also a destination best visited by boat. HOOKED is letting Virgin Voyages handle the itinerary and all we have to do is enjoy. Of course, there will be some HOOKED full-sensory flare added once on board.


Departing June 23-30, 2024

Join Darci Murray, founder of HOOKED, Alcohol-free Travel

Day 1 - Piraeus (Athens), Greece Departs at 6pm local time, all aboard two hours prior to departure

Day 2 - Santorini, Greece  9am - 9pm, local time

Day 3 - Rhodes, Greece  9am -6pm, local time

Day 4 - Bodrum, Turkey  8am-8pm, local time

Day 5 - Sailing

Day 6- Mykonos, Greece Arrives 9am, local time

Day 7- Mykonos, Greece Departs 2pm, local time

Day 8 - Piraeus (Athens), Greece Arrives 6:30am local time

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