Greece with a Splash of Turkey


Virgin Voyages

Greece is one of those destinations known for drinking alcohol so HOOKED, an alcohol free travel company created by PTM's own Darci Murray, has partnered with Virgin Voyages for an alcohol free journey sure to please. Virgin Voyages is handling the itinerary, HOOKED will have some full-sensory activities added once on board and all we have to do is enjoy! 


Departing June 23-30, 2024

Join Darci Murray, founder of HOOKED, Alcohol-free Travel

Day 1 - Piraeus (Athens), Greece Departs at 6pm local time, all aboard two hours prior to departure

Day 2 - Santorini, Greece  9am - 9pm, local time

Day 3 - Rhodes, Greece  9am -6pm, local time

Day 4 - Bodrum, Turkey  8am-8pm, local time

Day 5 - Sailing

Day 6- Mykonos, Greece Arrives 9am, local time

Day 7- Mykonos, Greece Departs 2pm, local time

Day 8 - Piraeus (Athens), Greece Arrives 6:30am local time

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