The Fly Girls The Fly Girls Travel Expert

Fly Girls Anna and Abby are a mother/daughter team, new at Personal Travel Management, bringing their fresh, new perspectives of travel to you!

Fly Girl Anna is embarking on a career change from a conservative real property valuator to the sweet life of travel! A big part of her heart lives in the North under the midnight sun and the aurora borealis, where her first career was forged. This career lead her to every corner of the North, collecting memories in places like Tuktoyaktuk and Yellowknife, NWT, as well as Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit, NU.

Fly Girl Abby, born north of 60, in Yellowknife, NWT, is fresh out of school and ready to take on any bucket list adventure you can dream of! The TV series “Say Yes to the Dress” could possibly be her religion, and it’s where her love for ‘anything weddings’ began. Could it be that Fly Girl Anna’s destination wedding in Jamaica, 9 months previous to her birth, spawned her obsession? It’s hard to say, but they’d love to make your dreams come true!