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Born and raised on a homesteading farm in northeastern BC, my curiosity and passion for exploration were cultivated and nurtured from a very young age. As a young girl, the wilderness was my universe and I spent every waking moment exploring and interacting with it. With a Dutch immigrant father and an Irish-Newfy mother, I was exposed to the robust tapestry of Canadian and European cultures from a young age.

My mother, ever the explorer, rode her bicycle across Canada at 18 years of age and instilled in me this same wanderlust and passion for the unknown. She would take my younger brother and I on backroads adventures that would make the modern helicopter parent blush. From dirt road access only Mexican villages to multi-day backcountry hikes, I learned to connect to nature and culture through people, art, food, folklore, and tradition.

At 17 I traveled throughout western Europe for 3 months before entering University to study Spanish. Two years later I moved to a small coastal Mexican village and fell even deeper in love with the culture and way of life. I came away from my year in Mexico a fluent Spanish speaker and a huge fan of the Mexican people, their culture, and way of life.

Flash forward 15 years later, I'm still a voracious traveler visiting off the beaten track Mexico yearly, together with a rotating cast of other international destinations. Combine that with an all over the map entrepreneurial track record as a life coach, event planner, communication specialist, marketer, project manager, photographer, and writer, and I'm just the person you want looking after your next worldly adventure, be it big or small. My skills, combined with those of my brilliant PTM family, cover the entire globe and will change the way you travel forever, for the better.

If you are looking for a resourceful and energetic Travel Specialist with a personal touch, big heart and exceptional attention to detail then look no further, you have arrived!

The following is a collection of 35mm film travel photography stories from my own personal global field trips.


Putting your travel dream into Katie's capable hands is the best vacation decision you could make! She has deep, passionate, knowledge of Mexico, an innate ability to seek out rich experiences, and a unique, warm personality which allows her to connect with the most interesting people. On top of all this, Katie is a powerhouse of organization. She will take care of the details, so all you have to do is enjoy, relax, and soak up the rich, dynamic, immersive, experiences of your "dream trip".

Tara Acheson

Katie planned a week-long trip to Los Angeles for my husband and I and it truly was nothing short of a dream travel experience! I’m a person who loves to plan trips. I enjoy searching out the perfect location, accommodations, and activities, so using a travel professional was a brand new to me. Katie was phenomenal - from the amazing boutique hotel to the hidden night spots, we enjoyed every second! I had been to L.A. twice before and both times I felt like an outsider looking in. The trip Katie designed left us feeling more like locals, comfortable in our surroundings, and seeing things we would otherwise never have known about. Thank you, Katie!!!

Erin Green

I’ve gone on many guided trips before but with Katie, it was like going exploring with a group of close friends who know the land and where all the awesome local spots are. Not only did she deliver experiences that I would never have gotten otherwise but did so in a way that connected with and was welcomed by the community. My life consists of a budget, and with Katie's help, I was able to plan an amazing experience without blowing my savings out of the water! Katie not only brought all the right places to go and savings to the table but also incorporated into this whole experience her charm and love of exploring the world through local eyes. Overall the best trip planning services I’ve encountered! Highly recommend it to anyone and everyone with the exploration and travel bug.

Kamille Tobin-Shields

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