Quick check in after a successful tour!

By Jenny Revesz

We are all sitting now at Zanzibar airport waiting for the start of our flights. Everyone is sad that it has come to an end now. What an outstanding trip it was!

My dad and Robyn had the best trip of their entire lives and dad did everything even getting a henna tatoo. He gave speeches and we all kept asking where the quiet Jim Murphy went!

I have some speeches. People sang songs to the drivers We all laughed and cried and were scared by the lions roaring near our tents.

We got bogged in the mud and had to be rescued which everyone loved. We lunched with lions, one day had breakfast with hippos and another lunch with giraffes and monkeys!!!

We had a crash and no one worried.

What was supposed to be a group photo with all the staff at KUBU KUBU turned into a dance and singing festival whereby I proceeded to cry my eyes out as it was such an incredible moment for everyone. Apparently I was not the only one shedding tears. The goodbye took around 20 minutes with absolutely everyone dancing and singing.

Anyhow I just wanted to say hello and I will be in touch soon. I cannot believe it is over!

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